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Touchline – Actions Over Captions

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Touchline - Actions Over Captions Mp3 Download

Touchline - Actions Over Captions - Download Touchline - Actions Over Captions Mp3 Song Music to your devices with 320kbps ultra high quality audio for Free at Mp3Juice. You may also find the complete lyrics of Touchline - Actions Over Captions and video clip as well. All the songs provided are belong to YouTube, we do not host any single of songs and music on our website, Enjoy Listening!

Touchline – Actions Over Captions

Title Actions Over Captions
Artist Touchline
Album S.O.O.N 2 (A Better Year)
Year 2022
Duration 3:49
File Size 3.49 MB
File Type MP3
Audio Summary 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 192 kb/s
Source YouTube Music

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Lyric of Touchline - Actions Over Captions

Ekse yeah
Kulonyaka baba as'ncengi muntu
Mawungafuni uyeke as'meli muntu
I'm making music for every mood
Your favourite rapper barely moves, I let him lose
His baby mama sending nudes
Which is ironic 'cause I'm Touchline the naked truth
I split your head in two, your mind is where I'm heading to
I've already planned for your every move
So by the time you went and you switched on me I already knew

That guy was never as hard as I
No matter how many times he tried
But he says he's a gladiator, mina I'm just glad he ate a piece of that humble pie
Don't cry over losses, they're a part of life
If I cry over a girl just know I've lost my mind
It's the pretty ones that love to lie
If you're gonna play me, baby, let it be on Spotify
You know this I choose

Actions over captions
Love over looking like we're in love
Make money don't act rich
I, put coins under the mattress
But still I don't sleep on this cash, I get the bag quick

Bangak'juthi usangaphumelela boy noma unga gelezanga
Angish' ukuthi unga gelezi maar umdala azivul' indlela zakho
Bebachoma bavele bawe
Mina noma ngingafa as long as I die at the top
Ngathi ngi changer icolour yey'nwele zam'
Still got passion for it, you just can't ignore it

When I drive she deletes your pictures just to clear some storage
Making space for something more important
It's God, her family, Touchline, you, exactly in that order
Rule number one, always feed each other
You pass me the money, I pass it to him, it's Tiki-Taka
Rule number two ningafiki niphapha
Pinci cava kunini nilana, nikhipa amanga sikhip' imanga

Sober minded, but still got doper lines
Than a rapper that lacks inspiration and uses coke to find it
Flow the nicest, as cold as ice is
I'm talking isis, show me where the mic is
Know it's that high blood pressure
You got a high temp pressure
You feeling Touchline pressure

Heh baba you'll be at heaven's gates once I get ya
Maw'fika ku Nkulunkulu tell him Touchline sent ya
Durban time, Zakwe put me on a flight
Musiholiq, Big Zulu, what a crazy night
One day I'll sell out in Dubane, if I get it right
I live what I dreamt of as a youngin', is there a better life?
Ignore that honey's text, it's not a money text
You choose asses over assets, awuka cavi nex
Yah ang'ali sonke sithand' i-sex but making money come is best
That's why namanje

I choose, actions over captions
Love over looking like we're in love
Make money don't act rich
I, put coins under the mattress
But still I don't sleep on this bag, I get the cash quick

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