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How to Download Mp3 from YouTube - The Ultimate Guide

YouTube has become a go-to place for anyone who enjoys listening to music. The platform is packed with useful tutorials on how to play instruments, listen to interviews with famous musicians and much more. Even so, many users feel like something is missing from their experience. The videos are fantastic and clear, but they don’t come with an audio track! That’s why so many people come across tutorials that ask them to save the mp3 file from their browser and put it somewhere on their device. However, things are not as simple as that. In this post, we will show how you can get mp3 files directly from YouTube without additional steps or third-party apps.

How to save an mp3 from YouTube?

Many people want to know how to save an mp3 from YouTube, but they don’t know how to find it. The good news is that almost all videos on YouTube feature their audio track in an “Audio” section, which means that you can download the mp3 file directly from there. To find it, you will have to open the video page on YouTube and then click the “Watch Again” button that appears in the lower-right corner. Alternatively, you can click the “Share” button and select the “Watch Again” option from the menu that opens. What you will see next is a list of options that will allow you to rewind, fast-forward or go to a certain time in the video. There will also be an “Audio” section there, which will show you a track list of all audio tracks featured in the video. You can play the mp3 file on this page but you can’t download it. To do that, click the “Fullscreen” button above the video and then click the “Save Audio” button that appears below the video.

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Downloading the audio from YouTube with ads

If you want to download the audio track of a video that has advertisements and a paid download, you will have to download it with ads. This means that you will get the MP3 file completely for free, but YouTube will play advertisements in the background during the entire playback. The process is the same as with the mp3 file you download from YouTube without ads, so you will have to click the “Fullscreen” button above the video, followed by the “Save Audio” button below the video. However, there are two more steps that you will have to take. To start with, you will need to click the “Enable Ad-Breaks” button. This is a toggle button that will allow you to turn off the background ads if you want to. To download the audio track with ads, you will also have to select the “MP3 format” button. It is located above the “Save Audio” button and is marked by an MP3 icon.

Downloading the MP3 file from YouTube without ads

As we have already mentioned, you can download mp3 files from YouTube without ads if you pay for them. As this is a paid feature, we will not go into details on how to do it here. Instead, we will give you a few tips to help you decide if this is the right thing to do. If you do not want to use the Audio feature on YouTube, there is a quick-and-dirty method that you can use to download the mp3 file without ads. Click the “Share” button, select “Save Video As” and then hit the “Download” button. This way, you will download the entire video file to your device without using the YouTube Audio feature. Once it’s on your computer, you can open the file with a video player and select the “Audio” tab to listen to the downloaded mp3 file.

Using a browser extension to download Mp3 from YouTube

If you want to download mp3 files from YouTube, but you don’t want to click a bunch of buttons and fiddle with the settings, you can add a browser extension and have it do all the work for you. The best extensions for downloading audio tracks from YouTube are MP3 from YouTube, Download MP3 from YouTube and YouTube Mp3 Downloader. All three extensions work in a very similar way, so you can use any one of them. To use these extensions, you will first have to log into your browser and then visit the extensions store. To download mp3 files from YouTube with a browser extension, you will have to do the following: Open the YouTube video, click the “Share” button, select the “MP3 from URL” option, copy the URL that pops up and click the extension button to have the extension download the audio track.

A last-resort method to get Mp3 files from YouTube

There are a few last-resort methods that you can use to get mp3 files from YouTube, but they are not very reliable. You can try downloading the video file to your computer and then extracting the audio file from the video, but this is a very tedious process. Alternatively, you can send a DMCA takedown request to the video owner and ask them to remove the video. This way, you will be able to download the video without an audio track, which will give you a chance to extract the mp3 file from the video. These methods are a bit messy, though, and you will have to be very thorough if you want to avoid getting into trouble.


These are all the methods for downloading mp3 files from YouTube. If you want to do it, you can follow this guide and you will have audio tracks to listen to in no time. If you want to listen to music online, this is the best way to do so. You can listen to music while you are at work, in class, or while you are doing almost anything else. You can also use these tracks to learn new instruments, such as the guitar. If you want to download videos or music from YouTube or any other website, you can use an online downloader or download manager. With these tools, you can download multiple files at once and pause or stop the download if you have to.